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We make a finite amount of burgers on any given Friday. To ensure you don't show up to a sell-out or a 70 minute wait (yes, it happens), pre-order your burgers. Pre-ordering is courteous, and shows us that you value our time and energy. Burgers are available for pre-order for the upcoming Friday burger night.

Burger pre-order deadline is 4:30PM Every Friday. After 4:30PM, you must order in-person at the French Co backyard.

about pickup times

Pickup times are arranged into 30-minute windows. Our intention is to have your order ready near the beginning of that window, but we allocate this time window to set expectations, prevent disappointment, and give ourselves breathing room in the event that we get inundated, which we regularly do. 100% of the time, pre-ordering will benefit you and will benefit us.

Our Official Suggestionโ„ข is that you arrive at the beginning of your window, grab a drink, make a friend or two, and be patient and kind. If you are in a hurry and need your meal at an exact minute, please let us know in your preorder notes, or call the store at 432-386-4522 in advance. We are a very small, scrappy team, and you are in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny community of less than 400 with nearly zero light pollution. Enjoy it.

We can also text you when your order is ready if you provide your cell # in the order notes.

dear whom it may concern,

one time I was on a flight to Singapore and as I took my aisle seat on the hefty 747, the flight attendant, who had a thick german accent, tucked me in like a little baby girl and gave me three dvds to choose from. โ€œenjoy, little vun,โ€ she said. the first was Free Willy, grandma's fave, hard pass. too sad. the second was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. strange that there was a โ€œWillyโ€ theme going on there. i was already feeling nervous about going to Singapore where fun and candy wrappers are not allowed, so, no thanks. another pass. finally there was Total Recall, the perfect movie. i watched it two times through on the flight and nearly perfected my Arnold accent. it changed my life forever. my favorite scene from the movie is when Arnold โ€”nay, Douglas Quaidโ€” attempts to pass through Mars security dressed in drag. the helmet disguised as an old ladyโ€™s head begins to malfunction giving his costume away and alerting the security of a problem. Quaid removes the defective robot head and as it spasms and shorts, the repeating recording continues to play out of the pale robot mouth. โ€œtwo weeksโ€ฆtwWooOo weEeEks,โ€ it utters. Quaid throws the head at security and it explodes, allowing for a quick escape.

anyway, this grocer is my favorite spot in all of West Texas. there's specialty coffee, guitars humming, natural wine, wild tales of youth, chocolate chip cookies with hunkin' hunks of chocolaté, the best breakfast bacon burrito i've ever had in my several lives, and, of course, true love. everyone is welcome here so strap yourselves in to your early 2000s green dodge caravan with the skateboard stickers on the bumper and head over here before those burritos run out, you punk.

chris burrell
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